Saturday, October 30, 2010

Interview with Toy Story 3 Screenwriter Michael Arndt

My fascination with screenwriting is rooted in my love for movies. I love hearing all about the process of how movies are made. The Creative Screenwriting podcast consistently delivers on this aspect of filmmaking in droves. Jeff Goldsmith is an excellent interviewer and his knowledge of film and the business of Hollywood always shines through in his questions.

Once a new Pixar film is released, I immediately look forward to when Jeff posts a podcast with the screenwriter. It is always a treat to hear about the inner workings of Pixar and get a little glimpse of their process and what goes in to making such great films. In the past, Jeff has interviewed Pete Docter and Bob Peterson for Up and Andrew Stanton for Wall-E.

This week Jeff interviews Michael Arndt who is the screenwriter of Toy Story 3. Michael talks about his start as a script-reader for Matthew Broderick and how he quit his day job to write screenplays full-time. This paid off when he sold Little Miss Sunshine and soon after that movie started to get made, Pixar called him in to work on Toy Story 3.

If you love movies and love hearing about the process that goes into creating them from the page to the screen, this podcast is for you. You can listen to this episode here.